Klotz Newspaper Issue 01

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La Marzocco Yearbook 2014

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La Marzocco

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25hours Hotels

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X-mas mailing: Twenty five cards to help you survive the year.


140926_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_xmas_1 140926_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_xmas_2




Blue Magazine

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25hours Hotels

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Brochures for the 25hours hotels in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna. They come together in a super funky mad slipcase.


140915_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_brochures_5 140915_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_brochures_7   140915_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_brochures_6   140915_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_brochures_0 140915_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_brochures_2 140915_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_brochures_3 140915_DSH_WEB_25HOURS_brochures_4

P.A.M. / Mirjam Böhm

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Hamburg based Mirjam Böhm represents some of the most successful photographers in europe. Identity for her Personal Art Management Inc..

PAM-01PAM visi 2pam setcards 14pam setcards 09PAM-03pam-3PAM-02 webPAM-04PAM-05PAM_3_HHK.inddvorlage magazin 2vorlage magazin

25hours hotels

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After 10 years in business, the twenty five hours hotels group decided to change the way they communicate with potential guests. We were brought in to rebrand the group, starting with individual color schemes for each of the seven existing hotels, with potential for infinite growth. The phrase “come as you are” is inspired by Nirvana and sets the tone for every bit of collateral associated with the hotel stay. From billboards to matchboxes, over 700 copywriting and design jobs were created and over 2 million bits printed to make sure you get the picture.

25 hours hotels cover25 hours hotels 0125 hours hotels 02 25 hours hotels 03 25 hours hotels 04

La Marzocco

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Deutsch — True German Food

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Really? Concept, identity, signage for a restaurant called ‘Deutsch’ at Frankfurt’s Intl. Airport. Offering true german food. Well, yes, oldschool German dishes such as “Pfälzer Zwiebelrostbraten” and “Kräuterrahmsüppchen”, re-born in a visual and culinary zeitgeist interpretation. The menu is written like a dictionary in German and English, with phonetic transcriptions that enable even international travellers to order true German food in local language. Additional to the concept, we asked Munich based artist Robert Brembeck to provide a collection of photographs from the work “Das Dorf” and from the series “Verschwinden”. 140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_1_alt2140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_2 140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_3 140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_4_alt2140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_5


140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_6_alt140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_7 140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_8_alt140825_DSH_WEB_deutsch_9

Parthia London

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